Part 1 Practice Question Grade 5 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder + Ohio State Test Rehearsal

Grade 5 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder + Ohio State Test Rehearsal Part 1

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Scientist Exploring the Earth’s Crust Opinion Task

You will now review your notes and sources, and plan, draft, revise, and edit your writing. You may use your notes and go back to the sources. Now read your assignment and the information about how your writing will be scored; then begin your work.

Your Assignment:

When your class returns from the library, your classmates begin to share what they have learned about the effects of the movement of the Earth’s crust. They also begin to discuss the new city ordinance, or rule, that requires old Christmas trees be brought to the beach when Christmas is over so they can be used to slow down the erosion. Some students agree with the rule. Your teacher asks you to write a paper explaining your opinion on the new rule.

In your paper, you will take a side as to whether you agree with the rule requiring the used Christmas trees to be brought to the beach to slow erosion, or whether you disagree. Your paper will be read by your teacher and your classmates. Make sure you clearly state your opinion and write several paragraphs supporting your opinion with reasons and details from the sources. Develop your ideas clearly and use your own words, except when quoting directly from the sources. Be sure to give the source title or number for the details or facts you use.

REMEMBER: A well-written opinion paper

  • Has a clear opinion
  • Is well-organized and stays on the topic
  • Has an introduction and conclusion
  • Uses transitions
  • Uses details or facts from the sources to support your opinion
  • Puts information from the sources in your own words, except when using direct quotations from the sources
  • Gives the title or number of the source for the details or facts you included
  • Develops ideas clearly
  • Follows rules of writing (spelling, punctuation, and grammar usage)

Now, begin your work on your opinion paper. Manage your time carefully so that you can

  1. Plan your opinion paper
  2. Write your opinion paper.
  3. Revise and edit the final draft of your opinion paper.

Word-processing tools and spell check are available to you.

You are being asked to write an opinion paper that is several paragraphs long. Type your response in the box below. The box will get bigger as you type.

Remember to check your notes and your prewriting/planning as you write and then revise and edit your opinion paper.