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Sarah Jean is applying for a job with the Infinitive Herald, a local newspaper. Below is her letter of intent to apply. Highlight the sentences that do not belong in her letter.

Dear Editor in Chief:

I am applying for the opening of an assistant weekend copywriter with your newspaper. Currently, I am an editor for my high school newspaper. I am a sophomore. My job includes reviewing all article submissions, writing editorials with my opinions, and finalizing the copy before print. In your employment notice, these were listed as the experiences needed to apply. I feel that I am highly qualified and motivated to work with your newspaper. One of my pastimes is cooking.

My training includes all typeset, Excel spreadsheet, and Microsoft Business.

Although I am a full-time student during the week, I am available to work any schedule on the weekends.

Please consider me for this position. I have included four letters of recommendation with my application. Feel free to contact any or all of them.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sarah Jean Matthers


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