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Read the below selection and answer the question.

Agatha loved her horses. For her English class she chose, to write a paper about the benefits of trail rides. She took her information from an article found at

Below are some of the benefits she found for both the horse and the rider.

Read the following list, then determine what other sources she might use to find more information about the trail ride. Mark all answers that apply.

Benefits of Trail Riding for the Horse and Rider


  • Enjoys the horse without the worry of competing against others
  • Better time spent with family
  • Being able to be with other “horse lovers”
  • Becoming closer to nature


  • A change of what they normally see
  • Able to practice moves outside of their normal environment
  • Good exercise
  • Improves the horse’s natural stability

What other resources could Agatha use to help learn more about trail riding?


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