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A student is writing a school newspaper article about the importance of the school drill/flag team participating in parades outside of the district. Read the article and answer the questions that follow.

As we all know, our Flying Flags are an excellent example of Eagle pride. They have demonstrated their skills and talents throughout the years and deserve outside recognition.

The drill team sponsor, Elizabeth Hayhearn, has been asked that our school join the International League of Drill Teams. In doing so, that would mean that our Flying Flags would become members, as well. They would have multiple opportunities to travel to parades around the state and possibly the country.
We, as a team, are asking for the support of the school and district in this endeavor. The advantages of participating would not only raise public awareness of our team, but give state and national recognition to our district.

Drag and drop two sentences that provide the best evidence of support for the main idea of the article.