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A student receiving an honor was chosen to write an article to submit to the school board on the major influences in his education.
Read the excerpt and answer the following questions.

I am honored to be receiving the Most Dedicated Student Award. In my years in Bellows Independent School District, I have had the pleasure of being taught by many inspirational educators.

I was afraid when I entered the third-grade classroom because I had recently moved to the area. In my previous school I had many friends and was known by all. The Bellows Elementary School seemed so enormous, cold and uninviting. My attitude quickly changed once I saw all the smiles of the other students. They simultaneously called my name and welcomed me to their class. Mrs. Sparrows immediately spoke to me, shook my hand and showed me to my seat. It seemed the entire day was focused on me being accepted and feeling a part of the school.

This feeling of belonging and acceptance has only grown stronger over the last eight years. Every teacher, principal, assistant, aide, janitor and secretary have all exhibited characteristics of positive attitudes, and excellent role models to every student.

Not solely in the classroom, but around the school, and in the community, I have seen first-hand the amount of work and time these professionals gave to their jobs.

This type of dedication motivated me to do better, as well.

Choose a transition sentence that would improve the flow between the first and second paragraph.