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Fred had never been to the dentist. All of his life he had heard horror stories about the buzzing drills, the huge needles, and the scary tools that the dentist used to torture his patients. Since none of his teeth were hurting, Fred just couldn’t understand why his mom was insisting on taking him to the dentist. She told him that it was important to visit the dentist each year to have his teeth checked and cleaned. This seemed silly to Fred because he cleaned his teeth every day by brushing and flossing them, but nothing would change his mother’s mind. He found it hard to believe that she would think it was a good idea to take him somewhere to be tortured. However, he had no choice but to go.
On the way to the dentist, Fred’s imagination went wild. He pictured walking into a room with a huge chair that the dentist would strap him to. He could just see the dentist pulling out a huge drill and drilling his tooth while his mother and several others held him in the chair. By the time he got to the dentist’s office, he was shaking all over.
Surprisingly, the office was nothing like he expected. The dentist was friendly, and the chair was comfortable. It didn’t have any straps. He looked around the room and didn’t see any huge drills or torture devices. He was relieved when all the dentist did was look in his mouth, show him how to properly brush and floss his teeth, and give him a balloon. His mom made another appointment to have his teeth cleaned in six months. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as he had thought it would be.

Which detail shows that Fred is worried about going to the dentist?