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Read the passage and answer the question.

The ostrich is the largest bird in the world, but it cannot fly. Its legs are so strong and long that it can travel faster by running. Ostriches use their wings to help them gather speed when they start to run. They also use them as brakes when turning and stopping.

Ostriches have been known to run at speeds of 60 miles per hour. So, they can run faster than horses and match the average speed of car drivers on a highway.

These huge birds stand as tall as horses and sometimes weigh as much as 298 pounds. In North Africa, they are often seen with other larger animals.

The zebra, which is also a fast runner, seems to be one of their favorite companions.

An ostrich egg weighs one pound, which is as much as two dozen chicken eggs. Ostrich eggs are delicious and are often used for food by people in Africa. The shells are also made into cups and beautiful ornaments.

What inference can you conclude from the passage about why ostriches are unable to fly?