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Mr. Toad and Mr. Rabbit were eating at the food court in the shopping mall. Mr. Toad was eating many slices of pizza and drinking a huge soda, and Mr. Rabbit was watching him.
“Hey, Mr. Toad. If you give me some of your pizza, I’ll let you have the next fly I find,” called out Mr. Rabbit.
Mr. Toad said no, even though he was very full. “I’m sorry, Mr. Rabbit,” Mr. Toad said, “but this pizza cost a lot of more so I won’t be able to share.”
Mr. Rabbit was sad and waited for Mr. Toad to finish. Then they left the mall together. On their way out the door, a hunter saw them and started to chase them. Mr. Toad normally could have escaped, but since he had eaten so much, he was moving quite slowly. The hunter caught Mr. Toad. Mr. Rabbit was able to escape easily.

What is the theme of the story?