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Nancy Neat invited Sloppy Susie to her house to work on their art project, but Nancy Neat had no idea what to expect from a visit from Sloppy Susie. First, it was snowing outside and Sloppy Susie didn't take her boots off nor did she wipe them on the doormat. Then Sloppy Susie ate a bag of nacho chips on Nancy Neat’s white couch. Since Sloppy Susie is not very careful when she eats, nacho chip powder went all over the couch. Nancy Neat tried to be nice and not pay attention to Sloppy Susie’s messy behavior. To top it all off, Sloppy Susie threw her chip bag on the carpet when she was finished eating. Nancy Neat was so offended that she said she was sick and asked Sloppy Susie to leave. At school the next day, Nancy Neat asked the teacher if she could work by herself since she was still so upset about Sloppy Susie's behavior. After explaining her situation, the teacher allowed Nancy to work alone. Sloppy Susie had to finish the assignment by herself, but unfortunately she spilled coffee on it.

What would be an appropriate theme for the above passage?