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Libby’s grandmother didn’t have much money, so she couldn’t buy Libby an expensive present for Christmas like her other grandmother could. She didn’t want to buy her a cheap toy that wouldn’t last long, but she just couldn’t afford the things that were on Libby’s wish list. She decided to make Libby a quilt. She was concerned that her granddaughter wouldn’t like the gift, but it was the best that she could do.
When Christmas day arrived, Grandmother went to Libby’s house. She saw all of the nice gifts that her granddaughter had received. She was worried as Libby began to open her present. Libby squealed with delight when she saw the handmade quilt. She ran and hugged her grandmother and thanked her. She ran and put the new quilt on her bed. The rest of the day she talked about how much she loved the quilt, especially since her grandmother had made it all by hand.

Which of the following is NOT the theme of this passage?