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Polly’s little brother begged her to read him a story. She told him to go away, that she didn’t have time to bother with him. But, a few minutes later, he came back and asked her again. This time she yelled at him to go away and she heard him crying as he ran down the hallway. Later, when she went to the family room, her mother told her that she had hurt her brother’s feelings. Polly looked over at him and told him that she was sorry. Although she apologized, her little brother’s feelings were still hurt; he felt like Polly didn’t like to spend time with him. Polly’s mom told her that sometimes words were not enough. So, when Polly got his favorite book and asked him to read with her, her little brother smiled and ran to sit by Polly. He hugged her and told her that she was the best big sister a brother could have.

What can you learn from the above passage?