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Robin wished that her parents hadn’t decided to go to the beach for their vacation. She was afraid of the ocean. She knew they would want her to wade in the water and even swim in the ocean like she did in their swimming pool, but she was afraid of the waves. She feared that they would knock her down.

When Robin and her family arrived at the beach, Robin sat on a towel and began playing in the sand. Her dad begged her to wade in the water with him. She refused. She was so scared of the waves. Her dad and brother went into the water without her. She noticed that when a wave would splash them, they did not fall down. She began to notice young children laughing as the waves washed against them. Robin slowly walked to the water’s edge. She walked out a few feet. When the first wave started toward her, she closed her eyes. When it hit her, nothing happened. The water actually felt good. Her dad looked around and saw her in the water and smiled.

What did Robin learn in the above passage?