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Environmental pollution causes the poisoning of our immediate surroundings.

It hurts Mother Earth by disturbing nature’s balance, which is very important for the survival of all living beings. Today’s environmental problems arise from four distinct forms of pollution that affect the soil, water, air and sound levels. Dumping massive amounts of industrial wastes and household refuse causes land pollution. Pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture also pollute the soil. Plastics are also major pollutants.

Overgrazing and deforestation lead to the formation of deserts and wastelands. Deserts already cover 40 percent of the Earth’s surface.

The presence of harmful wastes in water makes it unsafe for human and animal use. Even aquatic life suffers due to thousands of tons of oil that get spilled into the seas and oceans. The air that we breathe is contaminated by smoke and dust in the atmosphere. Lung diseases are common when the air is polluted. Noise pollution in cities has grown beyond human tolerance. Pollution is also responsible for global warming or heating up of the environment. Thus pollution is becoming a serious problem for the whole world.

Which detail from the passage supports the statement that deserts and wastelands are increasing?