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(1) Tigers are the most large wild cat in the world. (2) Its easily recognizable by it’s reddish-orange coat with dark stripes. (3) A tiger can weighs over 700 pounds, and be six feet long with a three-foot long tail. (4) Their natural habitat is the Eastern and Southern portion of Asia. (5) Tiger they live in areas with dense vegetation. (6) They live in areas that are close to water and have an abundance of prey such as antelope and deer. (7) They kill their prey. (8) They kill them by taking down their prey with their retractable claws, strong body, and powerful jaws. (9) Tigers are strong swimmers. (10) Tigers enjoy bathing in water. (11) They enjoy cooling in ponds, rivers, and lakes. (12) Tigers communicate with each other. (13) Tigers talk to each other by roaring, moaning, hissing, growling, and chuffing.

Edit sentence 3 from the above passage and choose the correctly written sentence.


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