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Geppetto is a lonely woodcarver who makes a boy puppet and wishes, with all his might, that the puppet was alive. As Geppetto sleeps, Pinocchio is given life by the Blue Fairy. There’s a catch, though. Pinocchio is alive, but he won’t be a real boy until he proves himself.

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Steffi Fletcher

Steffi Fletcher

I am published on Amazon through CreateSpace and kindle direct. I am also on Smashwords where I first began my journey into writing. I am my own editor, I do all my formatting, created my own covers, and finally published. I am not so good in the marketing area, self-promotion is harder for me but I am learning. As I am disabled I find it hard to stick to a routine and often have to change plans at the last moment but next year I plan on promoting my book around the country and I am sure I will need help with this! ”

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