Curious Reader Series: Spike, The Amazing Chicken

Spike, the amazing chicken is a creative storybook for 7 to 9 year-olds to improve their oral reading fluency skills. This book is a combination of imagination and innovation that improves the reading experience for kids with its advanced interactivity. This storybook blends a fun story of Spike, the chicken who lives on a farm with the oral reading fluency practice, writing prompts, fun activities, and vocabulary tasks. In this story, Spike, the chicken is being interviewed by a famous TV host which forms a humorous plot for the story. There are several characters in the story including the other animals living on the form. This full-color storybook has age-appropriate reading comprehension tasks, fun drawing tasks, an online program to improve oral reading fluency, lovely hand-drawn illustrations, exercises to promote critical reading, & interactive activities.

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About the Lumos Curious Reader Series
Curious Reader Series

Curious Reader Series

Lumos Curious Reader series is designed to help young readers develop critical reading & writing skills while enjoying a story. It includes exercises that encourage young readers to identify story settings, plots, characters, etc. These help them understand how the author has developed the story. These books also include access to engaging and interactive online resources.”

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