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Insight scoop about Math ELA Grade 6 - Common Core by Lumos Learning


Lumos StepUp Grade 6 app provides realistic practice for PARCC and Smarter Balanced (SBAC) assessments. It helps improve grade-specific math and English Language Arts skills. * Eleven Technology enhanced question types in both MATH and ELA * Sample questions for Arithmetic drills * Jokes and cartoons to make learning fun! * Inviting friends is now easier than ever! * Practice tests with hundreds of CCSS aligned questions * Standard specific sample questions. Ex:6.EE.B.5 Understand solving an equation or inequality as a process of answering a question * Access to Online Workbooks * Educational Articles for Students, Educators and Parents * No registration required * Provides the ability to scan QR Code from Lumos tedBook™ * Helps with PARCC & SBAC test prep Concepts Covered: Grade 6 Math includes *Ratios & Proportional Relationships *The Number System *Expressions and Equations *Geometry *Statistics and Probability Grade 6 ELA includes *Reading Standards for Literature *Reading Standards for Informational Text *Writing Standards *Language Standards Lumos StepUp is used by more than 200 Schools and trusted by 50000+ students for supplemental learning. We’d love to hear from you, send your feedback to More learning resources; Parents: Schools: Libraries:

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