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Measure Map Pro - By Blue Blink One, SL

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Measure Map Pro lets you quickly and easily measure multiple distances, perimeters and areas with laser sharp precision!. Use it for small areas or large, then share with coworkers. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today! Calculate surface areas, buildings, plots, floors, forest areas or dimensions for fencing, sports tours, trips or anything you need for field work without having to go to the spot to take measurements. Only one finger to calculate with astonishing accuracy all these measurements over satellite images. That’s what Measure Map Pro is for, to pu


Measure Map Pro is a free educational mobile app By Blue Blink One, SL.It helps students practice the following standards .

This page not only allows students and teachers download Measure Map Pro but also find engaging Sample Questions, Videos, Pins, Worksheets, Books related to the following topics.


Developer: Blue Blink One, SL

Developer URL:

Software Version: 11.8.3

Category: Utilities

Release Date: 2011-06-22T19:17:29Z


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