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With the help of Alco Dog you can keep track of what you drink at a night out and stay fresh the day after. It is easy to use Alco Dog. Enter a drink with just two taps: - First choose beverage, e.g. beer, wine or a drink. - Then choose serving size. You're done and the party can go on. When you exceed a certain BAC-level, Alco Dog will bark at you! In the settings you can adjust when to be warned. Alco Dog keeps track as you drink, and is not meant to be used afterwards. International Alco Dog supports serving sizes and drink names in United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, German


Alco Dog is a free educational mobile app By Automagika.It helps students practice the following standards .

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Developer: Automagika

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Software Version: 2.1.2

Category: Health & Fitness

Release Date: 2013-05-13T15:17:50Z


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