Adjunct Entrepreneurship Instructor Certification

Designed for Adjunct or Part-time Instructors of Entrepreneurship

Professional Development
Teaching Effectiveness
Instructional Competencies
Experiential Model

Adjunct Entrepreneurship Instructor Certification

  • Learning OutcomeParticipants will gain insights into how they can navigate within the academic world, and learn what students prefer with the current situation with online and hybrid learning.
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Meet The Author

Doan Winkel

Doan Winkel

Endowed Entrepreneurship Chair, John Carroll University
Cofounder, JCU Neighborhood Project

Entrepreneur and an educator, teaching entrepreneurship and building entrepreneurial programs at John Carroll University, and practicing it through and

Get Tools and Tips To Engage Students Effectively in Classroom Experiences

The 3 sessions in this workshop focus on improving teaching effectiveness, developing instructional competencies for adjunct or part-time instructors of entrepreneurship courses. Many successful entrepreneurs begin teaching at the collegiate level out of passion, a desire to give back, a connection with a local institution or alma mater, etc. However, knowing how to successfully run a business is different than helping young students develop the skills necessary to successfully start a venture. Additionally, the internal workings of universities are different than the business world, and the field of teaching entrepreneurship has shifted to an experiential model that is different than the methods used just 10-15 years ago.
Adjunct and part-time professors with practical experience are well-suited for this newer approach, and just need help in unlocking the potential in their classroom experiences.

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