An Easy Way to Plan Your Book Sales and Keep Track of Your Competition

It is very simple to use the Amazon book sales predictor to get the estimated sales of any book :

The above-mentioned numbers will be available under the Product details of the book. Example :

Book sale estimator using ISBN & BSR

For authors and publishers, “Amazon Bestsellers Rank” is an important position to gain.The Bestsellers Rank of any book indicates that the title is popular and a preferred choice for most shoppers on Amazon in that category.

The Amazon Book Sales Predictor tool makes the Bestsellers Rank (BSR) even more meaningful to booksellers, publishers, and authors. It is designed to estimate the daily unit sales of any book or title listed on

This innovative tool is one of the easiest ways to identify regularity in the daily sales of your books, competitor books, titles that are in “Top 100”, popular books, other books in the category, and more. You can use this to determine which of your titles or other titles have declined over a certain period.

Advantages of Book Sales predictor:

Effective Estimation:

Amazon books are ranked based on a number of factors such as number of times the book is sold, sales in past days, consistency of sales etc. Amazon book sales predictor considers all the factors and converts the BSR into estimated sales volume for a day.

Performance Insight:

BSR converted to sales gives the insight of performance of the book, which is indicated by the daily sales of the book. It helps you to know if the book is in demand and if the sales predictor is used over a period, it can also be ascertained if the book’s demand is increasing or decreasing. Not only for your book but also you can check the competitor’s performance which can help to formulate the strategy accordingly.

Better Planning

If you are planning to introduce a new book then this tool will certainly help you to strategize the effective sales plan. You can find out the daily sales of the competitors’ books to better understand the opportunity and the market for your book. It will help you to know who is performing better among your competitors and what the trend of the sales among competitors is.


Revenue Estimation:

By using the sales predictor, you can estimate the daily sales, and with the help of this number, you can estimate the revenue by multiplying the price of the book with the sales number. You can also examine the competitors' revenue and estimate the market opportunity in terms of revenue.


Best estimation tool for authors

If you are an author and try to estimate the sales number of your book but have no other source other than your publisher’s shared data of the sales number, this tool will be of great help. It will give you an estimate of the books sold on a daily basis when observed every day and help you to understand the trend of your book’s sales.