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Place Value Books

Place Value

Place value is about the value of a digit in a number. It is based on the location of the digit.

Students can also find many main idea worksheets, main idea games which helps them build their reading skills.

Top Rated Books for Place Value:

Lessons for Extending Place Value

Support mathematical understanding in your instructional program through this rich collection of easy-to-use teaching resources. Each book focuses on a specific arithmetic topic and offers a series of classroom-tested lessons addressing the three important aspects of arithmetic instruction–computation, number sense, and problem solving.

Place Value

Have you ever built something really big with building blocks? Did you need to use hundreds of blocks? Read about an after-school center, where the toys are counted in ones, tens, and hundredsand its easy to see place value in the numbers. Learning about place value is all fun and games at this play center!

Place Value with 3 Digit Numbers

Place value with 3 Digit Numbers This 24 page game packet help students discover the value of numbers through play. The 5 great games in this set reinforce the relationships between digits and numbers and the way our number system works. This understanding is a basic skill and a necessary foundation for further math mathematics.

Math Games Galore: Number Sense and Place Value

10 matching games that reinforce basic skills

Math Champs! Place Value

This book helps students learn place value and related concepts. Practice pages include motivational activities, riddles, and pictures. An answer key is included. These pages may be assigned as class lessons, individual work, or homework activities.

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