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2021 Summer Learning Program - Beat the Summer Slide

School’s out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean that your child’s learning has to stop.

Summer Learning HeadStart Online Program

We have created a great resource to help your child avoid summer academic slump. Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart is designed to help kids gain reading, writing, and vocabulary mastery. It also encourages students to develop journaling skills by offering a summer diary to enter their daily experiences from summer.


Key benefit include access to:

  • Enagaging Reading Practice
  • Fun vocabulary tasks
  • Summer diary to record experiences
  • Fun activity ideas
  • Summer Workshop with Expert Teachers
  • Summer short story competition
Happy Children
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What Our Customers Say

“I buy my child the Lumos Program every year and it has made such a difference. Preparation with these courses has always assisted him in getting high scores and given him the opportunity to participate in the Gifted and Talented Program for Math at school.”

Mrs. Williams, Parent

Beat the Summer Brain Drain - An Interactive and fun Workshop

Stop the summer learning loss!

Summer Learning Loss Research and Statistics
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Summer Skills Mastery Workshops Archives

Writing and Literacy

Workshop Snippets


Math and Puzzles
Teacher Testimonial

What Educators Say

“This is an excellent practice program for all grades. Students in our district could benefit from the access to the online materials so that they can work on additional cooncepts based on areas of weakness.”

Ms. Julie Lyons, Teacher

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