Koli and Bosco “the Dog”: Rescue from the Fire Powered by

Koli and Bosco “the Dog”: Rescue from the Fire Powered by

  • Inspiring children's story about a heroic dog
  • Empathetic oral reading fluency support
  • Helps children become fluent readers

Grade Level: 4-5 | Age Group: 9-11 years | Lexile Level: 810L - 1000L


Meet The Author

Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo, Ph.D.

Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo holds a doctoral degree in Management and Health Policy from the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston. She wrote her first book, "Koli and Bosco the Dog: Rescue from the Fire", in 2018, as a dedication to her three children, who are voracious readers.


Long ago, in the small town of Wiggletown, Bosco ‘the dog’ was the most treasured companion in the whole world to Koli, who will wake up every morning happy to see her beloved friend. Bosco ‘the dog’ was always ready and eager to go out and play. On one of their regular morning walks, Koli and Bosco ‘the dog’ went by a house and saw smoke rising out of the house. They were big, dark, round puffs of smoke coming out of the house. Bosco ‘the dog’ upon seeing these scary dark big puffs started barking wildly to draw attention to them. What happens next? The first installment in the adventures of Koli and her beloved dog, Bosco, tells it all. Will Bosco’s barks help save the lives of the people in the house, or will it be too late? Find out in the tale of Koli and Bosco ‘the Dog’: Rescue from the Fire.


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SUBSCRIPTION PLAN - $4.95 (One Time Payment)

SUBSCRIPTION PLAN - $4.95 (One Time Payment)

What You Get?

  • An inspiring children's story about a heroic dog

  • Cold Reading: Children can Read, Record, and Listen to the Story in their Voice

  • Vocabulary Practice: Lumos FlashCube and Quiz for Word Mastery

  • Read-along with an audio narration while paying attention to the highlighted text

  • Hot Reading: Children can Re-Read, Record, and Listen to the Story in their Voice

  • Interactive Quiz to demonstrate reading comprehension

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