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Smart Communication Platform

A self-learning communication platform that gives instantaneous answers to your website audience while saving time for your staff.

  • Improve Website Conversion
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction
  • Optimize for Search Engines
  • Enhance Audience Engagement
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StickTogether's Success Story with InstaCom

What is InstaCom?

InstaCom is an advanced communication and customer engagement platform that can transform how you communicate with your online audience.

It is engineered using 21st-century technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to answer every question from your website visitors while reducing your efforts significantly. It is designed to help you enhance user engagement, improve conversion rate and create a cycle of continuous customer satisfaction in your online community.

Key Benefits

Customer Satisfaction

Provide intelligent & autonmous answer to user queries to improve user engagement & customer satisfaction


Make your product information accessible to everyone including people with special needs by allowing users to interact with both text & voice.

Product Information Repository

Maintain a universal knowledge respository about your products and topics around it that learns over time.

Multi Channel Presense

Engage your audience on mulitple digital devices such as computers, smartphones, and smart speakers.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website for Search Engines by building quality backlinks and web syndication with your partners, distributors & affiliates.

Floating Chat Widget

Convenient way for users to find FAQs or ask a query via chat widget that is available on all pages at all time.

InstaCom Chatbot

  • Available on all pages as a floating widget
  • Contact form for users to submit queries
  • List popular FAQs to provide instant answers
  • Ability to customize the widget to match the site appearance
  • Can be integrated with popular platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, etc.

How It Works?


Create an account & Upload FAQs


Add a small piece of code to your website


Start answering the questions from your website visitors

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  • Helps improve conversion rate significantly
  • Better user engagement without affecting the site performance
  • No coding required
  • Make your website accessible for everyone
  • Optimize your website for search engines with your content
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