Lumos Learning in Conversation with PUNKINFUTZ
Supporting Distance Learning for All Students
Speakers: Shenik Luiz (Punkinfutz), Bonnie McRae(Lumos Learning ), Iris Medina (Lumos Learning)

Punkinfutz: Who is Lumos Learning?

Lumos Learning is a publisher of innovative tools that enhance classroom learning for children in K-12. We have platforms that combine online and print media to compliment classroom learning. We help students succeed in classrooms, standardized tests and state assessments. We also help students to master critical skills by providing targeted study plans for students based on their specific needs. We also provide the plans based on the needs to address if there are any study gaps.

Punkinfutz: How Lumos learning helps in overcoming learning loss during summer ?

Lumos Learning: We know that during summer there may be a learning loss usually up to 2 to 3 months.But now due to Covid pandemic students had a learning loss of upto 6 months.Lumos learning had developed courses to help teachers, students and parents to combat this learning loss.We have developed Back to school refresher program. In this program teachers will be able to assign lessons to the students from previous grade level which will automatically reinforce any learning gaps that could have occurred. Thus, bringing the students on to grade level. For the teachers who wish to teach remotely ,we have added google classroom option and they have the facility to create their zoom account. Many of can be used by teachers, parents,administrators and students.

Punkinfutz: What are the learning gaps and how to you identify them?

Lumos Learning: A learning gap occurs when student should have learned their content of specific standard and for some reasons the students could not.There can be a number of reasons for which it happens like maybe the student was not paying attention,student may have been under emotional stress,etc. The students going from one grade level to another might suffer a gap in their learning, they are sometimes missing a particular part of the previous grade level. In this case Lumos automatically identify those learning gaps and fill in the gaps with additional resources,activities lessons and assessments for the students.

Punkinfutz: How does your program address the needs of each unique student?

Lumos Learning: Teachers have the facility to assign the lesson to the whole class, to a group of students or to individual student based on the requirements. We have individualized programs for each student, so the students can learn can at their own pace. We are also providing the option to pause a lesson if student dont have time and can resume that lesson later. Our program helps to keep students on track with their learning.Reports are designed in such a way that they can be easily understood by parents also.

Punkinfutz: What is IEP feature in the program?

Lumos Learning: It is an individual education plan. Basically IEP means each individual student is treated based on their needs. Sometimes students needs things to read aloud to them so that they can better understand depending on their learning style. They may need more colours or they may need more tactical material. Lumos provide it for all students regardless if they are in a special program or not.

Punkinfutz: What is expected time commitment?

Lumos Learning: With our summer program, we expect students to practice daily exercises of Math and ELA about 20 to 30 minutes a day and also the weekly exercises for reading, vocabulary and for writinf as well. Then we have our program that we use throughout the academic year which we usually recommend about 30 to 40 minutes.

Punkinfutz: Is your program intended for independent use or is parental support required?

Lumos Learning: Our program can be used and is intended for the students to be able to work independently but if it is purchased by the parent we like to keep the parents informed so they can actively see what’s going on with their child and how they are progressing as well with the school. If the school is using the program and students are doing assignments at home as well it is meant for them to be able to work on it independently and again keeping the parent and the educator also informed. We do provide assignments that are structured and and organised with study plans to help them complete their assignments so they know exactly what needs to be completed at each stage of the process.

Punkinfutz: What is guided practice?

Lumos Learning: Guided practice is an environment where get to practice specific types of questions e.g. multi-step problems where the program actually breaks the question down and provides hints for the students to answer the questions we don’t just give an answer. The students can continue to practice until they have actually mastered the skills.

Punkinfutz: Are there different levels of guided practice or just one type?

Lumos Learning: Lumos provide different levels and different topics related both to ELA and Math. The idea is to be able to give enough practice and experience for the students to be able to master the actual skill. Basically it is used in a classroom after a teacher has taught the content. Then either the teacher works with the students to come up with the correct answers. Our guided practice gives the students the opportunity for that practice and then they are ready for independent practice which is practice on their own with the lessons.

Punkinfutz: How does Lumos Assistant work?

Lumos Learning: Lumos assisstant is an intelligent conversational system that actually provides a guided step-up footprint to help students master standards in Math and ELA. Lumos assisstant learns from the students proficiency data and simplifies the user’s experience and offers and provides lessons that are precisely tailored for that specific student needsat that time. It is guided structured environment where students constantly receives his or her personalized and individualized targeted plan

Punkinfutz: Where can parents find your program ?

Lumos Learning: They can go to our website i.e., Visiting the website they can find different products and learning materials that we have for our schools as well as our parents. They can reach out to us on email or on phone number- 888-309-8227.

Punkinfutz: What is Lumos summer-fun program ?

Lumos Learning: It is summer learning program that bridges the current grade and graded where the student is moving on to.e.g., if the student is in seventh grade and is leaving seventh grade this program will provide the students to practice seventh grade and create a bridge for moving on to the next grade i.e.,8th grade. This is a fun program which includes some games and is very interactive.Moreover, it is short because students during the summer don’t need longtime sitting in front of a computer or a long time with a workbook. It’s short little mini-lessons and mini practices with the grade that were coming from to proceed them to the next grade. It even has funny little jokes and activities built in throughout so kids dont get bored and tired of it either. So it is very unique book and online program. We provide both online and printed resources.

Punkinfutz: What is the price for joining this program ?

Lumos Learning: We have pricing per pupil, for teachers and administrators it is free. Then we are providing free training and free support throughout the year. We have pricing for site licensing for the larger schools that maybe six to seven hundred students at one campus. We provide discounts for that pricing. It is Rs 14 or Rs 14.9 for individual student license so pricing is Rs 3500 for one subject and Rs 6000 for both the subjects for site licensing of 600 students. It is reasonable as it works within school budgets. For parents pricing is different and teachers can also purchase online for their own classroom depending on their need. We also offer free demos to schools and in various situations we do pilot programs to get the interest level built up so that people can see the success rates.

Punkinfutz: Do you also offer free worksheets on your website?

Lumos Learning: Yes we provide free worksheets for ELA and maths that be can downloaded using the account.There is also a option to create free account like a trial version. Using it they can get familiarized with the program and the resources that we provide and it is available for both schools and parents. These free accounts are the samplings our test items and our lessons.

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