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COVID-19 Information Kit for Schools

A free and comprehensive communication tool with useful information from official sources. It allows users to ask questions related to COVID-19 and get instant answers.

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What is it?

Lumos' COVID-19 Information Kit is a free information tool which schools and other organizations can easily add to their website to make accurate information available to their community members within minutes. This database of questions will be updated frequently to provide the latest information.

This Lumos Communication Assistant-powered COVID-19 repository uses Natural Language Processing and AI to help parents and other stakeholders ask questions and find relevant information efficiently.

Ask a COVID-19 question

Make Accurate COVID-19 Information Available to Your School Community

  • A comprehensive knowledge base of COVID-19 information pertinent to schools
  • Provides instant and autonomous answers to all the frequently asked questions
  • You can add questions and answers specifically to your school or organization
  • Compatible and usable in computers, smart phones, & smart speakers
  • Easy integration allows you to go-live in minutes
  • Flexible search with responses in both audio and text format

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  • Uses AI & ML to provide instant and relevant answers to COVID-19 questions
  • Easy and quick integration with your site (2 minutes!)
  • Easily accessible via computers, phones & smart speakers
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