Lumos School Up; The best parent-teacher app

With a smartphone glued to 90 percent of the parent populace’s hands, how could it be that a few schools still rely on upon old strategies, for example, sending notes home, bulletins, and messages to communicate with parents?

A recent study by Gallup discovered just 1 in 5 parents are fully connected with their child’s school, which means 80 percent of parents are either indifferent or effectively withdrawn from their children’s school.It’s clear there is a disconnect between the way instructors are conveying and the way most of the world is getting its information.
Just as online networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat take you into the lives of friends, celebrities, etc., the Lumos SchoolUp™ provides you with an amazing teacher-parent communication experience. 

Lumos SchoolUp™ is a free App that helps teachers and parents stay connected while allowing them to access valuable information about their school and school activities. Through this app, teachers can easily share homework, assignments, PTA meetings, supply lists, conferences or extracurricular activities’ schedule with the parent community.The app includes the following features;

  • Stickies to easily share homework alerts, announcements, events
  • Access to your student activity reports
  • Information about Common Core State Standards
  • Ability to add important events to your mobile calendar
  • Useful Education Blogs
  • Text extraction from images that you upload (OCR)
  • Personalized access to School, District, or State performance test results
  • Tools to rate and review your school
  • Maps and directions for any school in the US

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Derek Turner