Lumos Learning with USASBE – Making Entrepreneurship Education More Accessible – Press Release

Piscataway, NJ, January 7, 2021

Lumos Learning is excited to announce a partnership with USASBE, an inclusive community dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship education through bold teaching, scholarship, and practice.

With this collaboration, USASBE 2021: Be Boldly Unscripted Conference is now more accessible to a broader audience through Lumos StepUp platform, the world’s first Learning Management System (LMS) with video search capability. All the 65 sessions from the conference, along with two workshops are now available as easily-digestible learning modules on Lumos StepUp.

The USASBE 2021 conference was held from January 5-8, 2021. During the conference, over 74 hours of video content that will be helpful and impactful for educators, students, and entrepreneurs were streamed by the USASBE community. These sessions cover a broad range of topics from the latest learning innovations, emerging research, insights on inclusion, teaching, and much more. The conference session archives from this USASBE event is accessible to all USASBE members and non-members through Lumos StepUp. These sessions as learning modules will include videos, presentations, handouts, and other materials presented during each of these segments.

All the session videos have the advantage of Lumos StepUp’s latest technology support that allows users to search for a precise sentence or word in the video to find the right section of the session they want to view. It also summarizes the sessions to make them easier to understand and digest. The platform’s unique capabilities will save valuable time and make these content-rich helpful videos more accessible.

Julienne Shields, CEO at United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) said,
“Online conferences face many distractions, and incorporating searchable access to the content generated at a virtual conference is enthusiastically embraced by our members. Further, as USASBE builds out targeted certifications, professional development workshops, and other virtual programs that will help our members and the world, Lumos Learning’s platform and their entrepreneurial spirit will help USASBE achieve its mission.”

Sharing more information about the partnership, Mukunda Krishnaswamy, the Founder and CTO at Lumos Learning said,
“We are thrilled to be part of this innovative initiative to make the USASBE conference content available via our Lumos StepUp Learning Management System. This partnership is a remarkable demonstration of purposeful leadership and aligns with our and USASBE’s mission of strong commitment to supporting learning and entrepreneurship. I am delighted to see how our StepUp platform is making learning resources more accessible by leveraging advances in search, speech, and video processing technologies.”

Access to the following USASBE sessions through Lumos StepUp will be available at no extra cost to all paid attendees (both Basic + All-in ticket holders) of the conference.

1. All 126 sessions from the USASBE21 Conference, by more than 300 speakers

2.Adjunct Instructor Certificate

3. Mini-Cases: Writing, Publishing, Teaching Them

The unregistered users who missed the conference will be able to pay for one or all courses along with the video content in a searchable format to maximize efficiency.

About USASBE Annual Conference

Held each January, the annual USASBE Conference convenes 500+ entrepreneurship educators that engage in an immersive four-day experience. It helps entrepreneurs get trained on experiential exercises and participate in learning journeys to understand local entrepreneurship ecosystems. The pre-conference workshops help them engage and network with like-minded colleagues while also accelerating professional development. Several educators and entrepreneurs also share their research on entrepreneurship education and help others better understand the methods, outcomes, and measures.

About Lumos StepUp

Lumos StepUp is a web-based eLearning platform that supports different learning content, including videos, pdfs, quizzes, presentations, and much more. Lumos StepUp supports students, teachers, parents, and school leaders in content delivery and access from anywhere, anytime. It leverages the latest innovations, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the learning content more interactive and personalized for all users. The Lumos StepUp platform is trusted and used by over 385,000 students, 56,000 teachers, 28,000 schools, and 100 public libraries throughout the United States.


Alice Moore