Boost children’s storybook sales with Lumos Reading Buddy

Lumos Learning launches Reading Buddy, a new distribution channel for children’s storybook authors and publishers to boost sales – Press Release

Piscataway, NJ, March 25, 2021

By making their children’s stories available on the Lumos Reading Buddy Platform, authors and publishers can now create an additional revenue stream by converting their existing storybooks into a completely new digital product and get an opportunity to sell to thousands of schools, libraries, and retail buyers.

The Lumos Reading Buddy is the world’s first online program that converts an existing children’s storybook into a robust oral reading fluency program, helping kids become proficient readers by improving their overall reading ability. It is carefully designed by combining proven research in language learning with advances in speech processing and machine learning to help kids improve accuracy, speed, and expression while reading text.

Bringing their stories to the Reading Buddy platform not only allows children’s storybook authors and publishers to offer an interactive reading experience to their young readers but also benefit from the Lumos Platform, Audience, and Technology!

It allows them to gain much-needed visibility to their titles by exposing them to over 1.6 million active users per year. Moreover, they get an opportunity to market and sell their titles to 29,000+ schools, 61,000+ teachers, 100+ public libraries, and 400,000+ students via a dedicated title listing page..

Some notable children’s book publishers and authors who have listed their stories on the Reading Buddy catalog include August House Publishers, Orange Blossoms Publishing, George Smith, Dr Sharon Dorcoo, Nasheema Dixon, and more!

“The Online Fluency program will help students become fluent readers and determine their proficiency level. Students can read the story with expert teachers and understand the pace of reading. This has also created a new source of revenue for my books!” said George Smith, author of the Journey of the Little Red Boat and several other children’s storybooks.

Features of Lumos Reading Buddy

The groundbreaking online oral reading fluency program integrates speech processing technologies with machine learning to provide empathetic oral reading fluency support. It leverages research-based methodologies such as independent reading, repeated reading, teacher modeling, which allows children to:

Lumos StepUp Online Test Prep Program
  • Read and record engaging stories
  • Practice vocabulary via Fun Lumos FlashCube
  • Hear the story read by an expert teacher
  • Repeat the reading
  • Answer interactive Reading Comprehension Quiz

The fluency data from the repeated reading cycles are immediately accessible to both parents/teachers and learners for measurement and positive reinforcement.

“Having that discoverability of our titles on the platform with Lumos is ideal for us because it expands exposure and engagement. We think it’s important for kids to have an interactive reading experience while reading a story that makes it more engaging. This way, they’re more likely to remember it and hopefully apply and use it. So the Lumos platform is just one more way to have our books get exposure to kids and get exposure to educators who can then enjoy and use them.” said Steve Floyd, CEO of August House Publishers.

Here’s a list of a few popular children’s storybooks available on the Lumos Reading Buddy Platform

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The company started in 2007, and today, it’s one of the most loved education technology platforms across the United States, empowering over 400,000 students, 61,000 teachers, 29,000 schools, and 100 public libraries to provide high-quality personalized digital learning.


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