New improved versions of Lumos Learning tedBooks now available for Florida State Assessments (FSA)

Piscataway, New Jersey, July 25, 2017

Books play a significant role in education. They open up the doors to a whole new world of understanding. With increasing pressure and need to perform better in State assessments, books designed to help the student with these assessments should not only provide practice for the standards, but also be informative and fun filled. Recognizing this need, the Lumos Learning tedBooks for FSA are now available with several improvements.

The new tedBooks start with a brief introductory information which helps the student recall main points related to the standard before attempting to answer the questions related to the standard.

The book also provides access to the students to the vast repository of information which will help the student learn the concepts by simply scanning the QR code given or access the Lumos edSearch page with the help of an url.

The student friendly book provides simple mind map related to the questions which help the student in summarizing, analyzing and understanding the information which was read before answering the questions in each lesson.

This makes the understanding simpler, easier and fun filled.

Not only the process of understanding and learning, the book makes the documentation of the scores and level of understanding very easy to note and analyze, relearn etc with the help of a simple Progress Chart provided at the end of the book.

To know more and view samples of the books, click here

About Lumos Learning:

Lumos Learning is a publisher of innovative learning resources and technology tools. It was started in 2007 and is based in Piscataway, New Jersey. The Lumos Study Program supports elementary and middle school educators in their effort to reinforce and extend the classroom learning experience. The program provides engaging learning resources, rigorous assessments, and insightful analytics for students to succeed on the standardized tests.

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Alice Moore