Lumos Learning celebrates it’s 10th year!

Piscataway, New Jersey, March 29, 2017

Lumos Learning celebrated successful completion of 10 years as an innovative learning resource provider.

Lumos Learning came into existence when Mr. Mukunda Krishnaswamy and Mrs. Sharmila Krishnaswamy were struggling to find an all round NJ ASK practice resource for their eldest son, Vivek Krishnaswamy. While exploring all the available resources, they realized that there was nothing specifically built to meet their son’s requirement. This sparked the idea of putting together a new resource that would help other students with similar requirements. Along with the help of Vivek’s teacher, Mr. Applegate, they launched their first resource with realistic practice tests for NJ ASK.

They knew that this would help thousands of struggling students, parents, teachers and schools too. It was this idea which led to the inception of Lumos Learning. Many of Vivek’s classmates used the resource to prepare for the test and were ecstatic after excelling on the assessment.

Starting with only one program for Grade 3 math for NJ ASK and a couple of schools and libraries as its customers, today, Lumos Learning has several solutions for more than 11 state-specific assessments and has more than 75000 students, 6000+ teachers, 600+ schools and several libraries as its customers.

Commenting on the 10 year completion celebrations, Mukunda Krishnaswamy, CTO, and Founder of Lumos Learning, said,“It’s been an incredible journey for our team! I have enjoyed working closely with teachers, parents, and students. The opportunity to build an innovative learning platform along with engaging learning resources has had a transformational effect in my life.”

Lumos Learning offers Skills practice program, Assessment rehearsals, Intervention and remedial programs, after school resources for Math and ELA for grades 3 to 8 and access to thousands of learning resources such as workbooks, sample questions, videos and apps, tedBooks to supplement student learning and success.

Lumos Learning is working on enhancing its learning platforms which leverage technology tools which could benefits teachers, parents and schools to the maximum. Lumos StepUp program has several success stories as testimonials of its success. EdSearch and Quill Lite are the most recent technological advancements of Lumos Learning providing teachers with access thousands of Open educational resources which help them in supporting their student learning.

About Lumos Learning:

Lumos Learning is a publisher of innovative learning resources and technology tools. It was started in 2007 and is based in Piscataway, New Jersey. The Lumos Study Program supports elementary and middle school educators in their effort to reinforce and extend the classroom learning experience. The program provides engaging learning resources, rigorous assessments, and insightful analytics for students to succeed on the standardized tests.

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