Lumos Learning Announces Release of PARCC Guidebook for Teachers

March 26,2015 Piscataway,NJ

Lumos Learning has announced the availability of PARCC Guidebook, a professional development resource for teachers. This new book is designed to help teachers get comprehensive information about the PARCC assessments. “This new resource includes strategies that teachers in public schools can implement in their classrooms to improve student achievement on the PARCC test”, said Mrs. Marisa Adams discussing the new title.

It is a part of Lumos Learning’s commitment to providing high-quality teaching resources for educators. This book includes:

• PARCC English Language Arts Assessments Samples.

• PARCC Math Assessments Samples.

• Professional Development and Resources.

• PARCC Lingo.

• PARCC Survival Guide.

• Useful References and Additional Resources.

• Free Teacher Account.

Lumos Learning Overview

Founded in 2007, Lumos Learning, is a publisher of innovative tools that enhance classroom learning for children in Grade 3 to Grade 8. It has developed learning platforms that combine online and print media to complement classroom learning. Using the Lumos Study Programs, parents and educators can reinforce the classroom learning experience for children and help them succeed in the classrooms and standardized tests. Lumos Learning was founded in 2007 and based in Piscataway, NJ.

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Alice Moore