Lumos Learning announces release of Grade 10 and 11 SBAC resources for Math and ELA

Lumos Learning announces the launch of its StepUp program for students in Grade 10 and 11. It is designed to support student success in the SBAC assessments and provide resources for skills mastery in Math and ELA.

Lumos Programs for Math and ELA were available from Grades 3 to 8 previously. With the new release, the resources will be available for grades 10 and 11 also.

The Lumos StepUp program for Smarter Balanced assessment rehearsal includes two full length practice tests that mirror the actual SBAC tests.

The practice tests are structured similar to the actual Smarter Balanced assessment and are meticulously designed to mimic the item types, standards, level-of-difficulty, sessions, and number of questions.

The Lumos StepUp program for Smarter Balanced assessment rehearsal for grade 10 and 11 helps students get self-paced learning along with instant feedback. It also provides personalized learning resource recommendations based on student performance. Teachers can use the StepUp program to diagnose student learning difficulties and to develop suitable remedial plans. It is an RTI program specifically improve student performance in SBAC Assessments.

For more information on the The Lumos StepUp program for Smarter Balanced assessment rehearsal for Grades 10 and 11 for Schools, click here.

About Lumos Learning:

Lumos Learning is a publisher of innovative tools that enhance classroom learning for students in Elementary, Middle and High Schools. It has developed a learning platform that provides engaging learning resources, rigorous assessments and insightful analytics for students and educators. Using the Lumos Study Programs, parents and teachers can reinforce the classroom learning experience for students and help them succeed on the standardized tests. It was started in 2007 and based in Piscataway, New Jersey.

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