Lumos Coherence map allows teachers and students to visually explore standards and discover connected resources

Using the present day learning management systems, it is easy to tell WHERE a student is having learning difficulties. However, it is very challenging even for an experienced teacher to figure out WHY a student is having difficulty in a particular standard. One of the challenges faced by even the best teacher is how they can improve student performance in a specific area or with reference to a particular topic.

To gain insight into why a student is struggling in a particular standard, one needs to look at standards that are foundational to the learning objective as well as instructional methods and level of difficulty. The Lumos Coherence map provides information about previous level, next level and related standards and helps educators and students visually explore the learning objectives.

The Lumos Coherence has several benefits:

  • Its an effective visual map which helps students navigate through the learning objectives.
  • Educators can use the coherence map to get deep insights into why a student is struggling in a specific learning objective.
  • Educators can create pacing charts using the coherence map.
  • It includes access to Practice questions, Videos, Books and Infographics related to every standard.
  • You can easily find information about standards based on keywords of interest using the search box.

  • To access the Coherence maps and learn more about it, log into the StepUp Teacher Portal or click here


    Alice Moore