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Fifth grade - Multiply fractions

Multiplying fractions is one of the basic skills anyone who deals with fractions should know. Multiplying fractions could be multiplying with a whole number or another fraction or a mixed fraction. The resources on this page will help you understand the various methods of multiplying fractions.

The apps, sample questions, videos and worksheets listed below will help you learn Multiply fractions

Sample problems related to multiplication of fractions

Multiplying fractions practice worksheets

Educational Videos related to multiplication of fractions

Related Topics

  • How do I multiply fractions with different denominators?
  • Multiply the numerators of the fractions. The numerator is the number on the top of a fraction and the denominator is the number on the bottom. …
    Multiply the denominators of the fractions. Now, you’ll just have to do the same thing with the denominators. …
    Simplify the fraction.

  • How do you multiply a whole number and a fraction?
  • Rewrite the whole number as a fraction. To rewrite a whole number as a fraction, simply place the whole number over 1. …
    Multiply the numerators of the two fractions. …
    Multiply the denominators of the two fractions. …

  • When you multiply fractions do you change the denominator?
  • First, multiply the numerators and write the product of the numerators above a fraction bar. Next, multiply the denominators and write that product underneath the fraction bar. You don’t have to find a common denominator. You do, however, have to reduce your answer to simplest terms.

  • How do you multiply fractions with mixed numbers?
  • To multiply Mixed Fractions:**convert to Improper Fractions.**Multiply the Fractions.**convert the result back to Mixed Fractions.

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