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Grade 8 Math - Square roots of perfect squares

Many mathematical operations have an inverse, or opposite, operation. Squaring has an inverse too, called “finding the square root.” Learn how to calculate the square root of perfect square numbers. The apps, videos and math worksheets on this page will help you learn to simplifying square roots and find square roots.

The apps, sample questions, videos and worksheets listed below will help you learn Square roots of perfect squares

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  • How do you find a square root of a perfect square?
  • Taking the square root of a perfect square always gives you an integer. This tutorial shows you how to take the square root of 36. When you finish watching this tutorial, try taking the square root of other perfect squares like 4, 9, 25, and 144.

  • Is the square root of zero a perfect square?
  • In other words, you take any natural number from the set of perfect squares, apply the operation known as the square root, and you get another natural number. If we go with that definition, then zero is indeed a perfect square, for the square root of 0√=0 0 = 0 , and both those numbers are natural numbers.

  • How do I find the square root of a number that is not a perfect square?
  • Calculate the square root of 10 (√ 10) to 4 decimal places.**Find the perfect square number closer to 10. 32 = 9 and 42 = 16, so take 3.**Divide 10 by 3. 10÷3 = 3.33 (you can round off the answer)**Average 3.33 and 3. ( 3.33 + 3)÷2 = 3.1667.

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