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Eighth grade math - Identify linear and nonlinear functions

A linear function is a function in which the power of independent variable (x) is not more than one, whereas nonlinear function will have other powers of x also. y=2x+5, y=3x-2 are linear function examples or linear equation examples and y = x^2 (x raised to power 2), y = x^3 are examples of nonlinear equations (or nonlinear functions). Thus to identify linear and nonlinear functions, you have to check the power of x. The difference between linear and nonlinear graphs is that the former is a straight line and the latter is a curved line. Learn more about linear and nonlinear functions using the resources on this page.

The apps, sample questions, videos and worksheets listed below will help you learn to Identify linear and nonlinear functions.

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Related Topics

  • How do you tell if a table is linear or not?

  • You can tell if a table is linear by looking at how X and Y change. If, as X increases by 1, Y increases by a constant rate, then a table is linear. You can find the constant rate by finding the first difference.

  • How do you know if it is a linear function?

  • ax+by = c where a,b,c are real values and x,y are variables. If an equation is a linear function then when graphed, it creates a line. Solve the equation so that it takes the form y=mx + b. m is going to be the slope of the equation and show how steep the line is. b will tell you where the y intercept is.

  • What is a linear and nonlinear function?

  • In this lesson, you learned about linear and nonlinear functions. The equation of a linear function has no exponents higher than 1, and the graph of a linear function is a straight line. The equation of a nonlinear function has at least one exponent higher than 1, and the graph of a nonlinear function is a curved line.

  • What is a nonlinear function in math?

  • As you may recall, an equation whose graph is a straight line is called a linear function. A linear function has an equation that can be written in the form of y mx b. Equations whose graphs are not straight lines are called nonlinear functions.

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