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Multiplicative Inverses Resources

Inverse property of multiplication says that any number (other than zero) multiplied by its reciprocal is 1. Here 1 is the multiplicative identity, because a number when multiplied by 1 gives the same number. Multiplicative identity and Multiplicative inverse are two important multiplication properties (other three are commutative, associative and distributive). To find the multiplicative inverse, reverse numerator and denominator. Two multiplicative inverse examples; 4/5 and -2/3 are inverses of 5/4 and -3/2 respectively. Learn more about multiplicative inverse property and practice problems on the inverse of a number from the resources available on this page.

The apps, sample questions, videos and worksheets listed below will help you learn Multiplicative inverses.

Related Topics

  • What is the inverse property of multiplication?

  • A multiplicative inverse is a reciprocal. What is a reciprocal? A reciprocal is one of a pair of numbers that when multiplied with another number equals the number 1. For example, if we have the number 7, the multiplicative inverse, or reciprocal, would be 1/7 because when you multiply 7 and 1/7 together, you get 1!

  • What is the product of a number and it’s reciprocal?

  • Multiplicative inverse means the same thing as reciprocal. For example, the multiplicative inverse (reciprocal) of 12 is and the multiplicative inverse (reciprocal) of is . Note: The product of a number and its multiplicative inverse is 1.

  • What is the inverse of zero?

  • All numbers except 0 have a multiplicative inverse. The inverse of 5 is 1/5. But 0 has no inverse because you can’t multiply any number by it to get 1. Zero multiplied by any number is zero, therefore, 0 is the only number that does not have a multiplicative inverse

  • How do you get the multiplicative inverse of a mixed number?

  • To find the multiplicative inverse of an integer or mixed number, write the integer or mixed number as a fraction first, and then make the switch.

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