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Sixth Grade - Ratios, Proportions and equivalent ratios

The relative size of two quantities expressed as the quotient of one divided by the other is the ratio. The proportion is an equality between two ratios. Learn more about ratios, proportions and equivalent ratios using the resources on this page.

The apps, sample questions, videos and worksheets listed below will help you learn Ratios, Proportions and equivalent ratios

Related Topics

  • How do you know when a ratio is equivalent?
  • To find equal ratios by first write the given ratio as a fraction, then multiply the numerator and denominator of the fraction by the same number. For example, to find two ratios that are equal to 1:7, first write 1:7 as the fraction 1/7.

  • What is the equivalent ratio of 2 3?
  • 4 , 8 , 12 , 16 are all equal ratios. Divide each term by the same nonzero number will give an equal ratio. Remember: when you divide you must select a number by which both terms are divisible. So, 1 : 2, 3 : 6, and 6 : 12 are all equal ratios.

  • What is the ratio of 6 out of 15?
  • The ratio 2 : 3 is the same as the ratio of 6 : 15. 2.) This is an example of scaling down by a scale factor of 5. The ratio 8 to 11 is the same as the ratio 40 : 55.

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