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Fourth grade math - Compare area and perimeter of two figures

To find the perimeter you have to calculate the distance around a two dimensional figure. Thus perimeter of rectangle is 2(l +w), where l is the length and b, breadth and perimeter formula for a square is 4 x a, where a is the length of one side. To compare area and perimeter of two figures involves finding perimeter and area of both. You will find lot of area perimeter related problems in free printable math worksheets for 4th grade and other resources available here helps you to perfect the subject.

The apps, sample questions, videos and worksheets listed below will help you learn Area and Perimeter.

Sample Questions on Compare area and perimeter of two figures

Worksheets on Compare area and perimeter of two figures

Related Topics

  • What is the perimeter and area?

  • Calculating the area and the perimeter. The perimeter is the length of the outline of a shape. To find the perimeter of a rectangle or square you have to add the lengths of all the four sides. x is in this case the length of the rectangle while y is the width of the rectangle.

  • How do you get area?

  • Area is measured in square units such as square inches, square feet or square meters. To find the area of a rectangle, multiply the length by the width. The formula is: , where is the area, is the length, is the width, and.

  • How do you find the area and perimeter of a polygon?

  • To find the perimeter, add together the lengths of the sides. Start at the top and work clockwise around the shape. Area of Polygon = (Area of A) + (Area of B) To find the area, divide the polygon into two separate, simpler regions.

  • What is the difference between the area and the perimeter of a polygon?

  • The perimeter is the length around the outside of a polygon or the path that surrounds an area. This is different from the surface area. The surface area is how much surface is inside the polygon or space. Let’s show the difference between surface area and perimeter by looking at a football field.

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