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Third grade math - Division word problems

Division word problems require logical reasoning to understand the problem given and use division knowledge to solve it. This skill comes by practice. Improve math skills and learn to solve math word problems on division, using the apps, videos and worksheets available on this page.

The apps, sample questions, videos and worksheets listed below will help you learn Division word problems

Related Topics

  • What is a division in math?
  • In mathematics, the word “division” means the operation which is the opposite of multiplication. The symbol for division can be a slash, a line, or the division sign ( ), as in: 6 / 3 {\displaystyle 6/3\,} or or 6 ÷ 3. {\displaystyle 6\div 3.} Each, of those three, means “6 divided by 3” giving 2 as the answer.

  • What is the divisor and the dividend?
  • When you divide 63 by 9, 63 is being _divided_ (the dividend), and 9 is doing the dividing (the divisor). When we write it this way, usually using the “bar-and-two-dots” division symbol (called an obelus) 63 / 9 = 7 the number on the left is the dividend; it’s being divided BY the second number.

  • What is a division expression in math?
  • A fraction is a division expression where both dividend and divisor are integers (typically called the numerator and denominator), and there is no implication that the division must be evaluated further.

  • What is the definition of dividing integers?
  • Integer division is division in which the fractional part (remainder) is discarded is called integer division and is sometimes denoted . Integer division can be defined as , where “/” denotes normal division and is the floor function.

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