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Help Your Child Become A Fluent Reader

  • Interactive reading experience with engaging Lexile-leveled stories
  • Improve reading confidence
  • Enhance word mastery and reading comprehension
  • Actionable easy-to-read fluency metrics report

Experience the Industry-first Reading Fluency
Improvement Solution

  • Reads the book aloud to the child
  • Enables rigorous vocabulary practice
  • Records the child's reading of the book
  • Quizzes the child on reading comprehension
  • Provides reading fluency metrics report to Parents

Improve Reading Fluency.
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The Lumos Reading Buddy is a groundbreaking online oral reading fluency program that integrates speech processing technologies with machine learning to provide empathetic oral reading fluency support.

It includes engaging children's stories that match the learner's reading level and creates an immersive experience through innovative learning tools - combining reading skills with listening and speaking skills.

The program also leverages research-based methodologies such as independent reading, repeated reading, teacher modeling, which allows students to :

  • Read and record engaging stories
  • Practice vocabulary via Fun Lumos FlashCube
  • Answer interactive Reading Comprehension Quiz

The fluency data from the repeated reading cycles are immediately accessible to both educators and learners for measurement and positive reinforcement.

Key Features Of Lumos Reading Buddy Program

Cold Reading

Children can Read, Record, and Listen to an engaging story or passage in their voice.

Vocabulary Practice

Practice vocabulary and gain word mastery via fun Lumos FlashCube and Quiz.


A teacher modeling activity where students listen to the story read by an expert teacher while paying attention to the highlighted text which helps improve fluency as well as expression.

Hot Reading

A repeated reading task that allows children to Re-Read, Record, and Listen to the story in their voice without any audio support..

Reading Comprehension Quiz

An interactive quiz that allows children to demonstrate their understanding of the story or passage.

Intuitive and real-time reports

The meaningful reading fluency reports from these repeated learning cycles are immediately accessible to educators and learners to monitor progress and growth.

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