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Mobile Apps for Leveled Books

Top Rated Apps for Leveled books:

Some of the apps are Kids A-Z, Book Retriever, I See Animals at the Zoo – Level 1(A) – Learn To Read Books, Penguin Leveled Readers, Whales – LAZ Reader [Level O–second grade] and so on.

Kids A-Z:
Welcome to Learning A-Z ‘s app for reading eBooks from Raz-Kids and Headsprout! The Kids A-Z app lets you access eBooks and eQuizzes for the 300 titles on Raz-Kids, all on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone!Raz-Kids gives you hundreds of interactive, leveled books spanning 27 levels of difficulty, covering a wide range of subjects.

Book Retriever:
This is the Classroom Library Company ‘s accompanying app for managing book borrowing between teachers, parents and students.It allows you to scan, level and inventory your entire Classroom Library, giving you leveling data such as Guided Reading Levels, Lexile, Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts, DRA and Reading Recovery.

I See Animals at the Zoo – Level 1(A) – Learn To Read Books:
FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! I See Animals at the Zoo – Level 1(A) – Learn To Read Books is a very simple book. One sentence (with very slight changes) is used throughout the book. This repeating language pattern allows children to use memory in their first attempts at reading. As well, the more often a child reads a particular word, the more secure the connection between that word’s appearance and its meaning becomes.

Penguin Leveled Readers:
The Penguin Leveled Readers program unites the best authors, illustrators, and brands from the Penguin Young Readers Group under one umbrella. Featuring well-loved characters like Strawberry Shortcake, Max & Ruby, Miss Bindergarten, and Ladybug Girl, the Penguin Leveled Readers app uses a traditional numbered leveling system to ensure quick recognition for educators, parents, and kids.

Whales – LAZ Reader [Level O–second grade]:
SECOND GRADE readers will read about whales in this factual text with beautiful photos. Readers will learn about types of whales, feeding habits, sounds, reproduction, and migration. The author points out that many whales are endangered and in need of our respect and protection. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension.

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