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    Realistic Practice for State Student Assessments

    Lumos StepUp Online Test Prep Program
    Lumos StepUp Online Test Prep Program
    • Practice tests that mirror state assessments

    • Technology-enhanced item types practice

    • Activity and Performance reports for each student

    • Additional learning resources like videos and apps

    Blended Learning Resource for Test Prep

    • 2 Online Practice Tests that mirror the standardized assessments

    • Standards Aligned printed practice workbooks with 30+ skills

    • Teachers get access to Lumos StepUp Basic portal

    • Strategies for building speed and accuracy

    • Self-paced learning and personalized score reports

    Comprehensive ELA and MATH Skills Practice

    • Standards aligned Math Practice Questions to promote Skills Mastery

    • Detailed answer explanations for every question

    • Plus access to online workbooks that include educational videos, and mobile apps

    reading Comprehension tedBooks for grade 3 to 8

    Engaging Bridge Activities for Summer

    Summer Learning HeadStart Books
    • Review of last year’s Math amp ELA skills

    • Get a glimpse of next year’s concepts

    • Fun activity ideas

    • Useful infographics

    An Interactive Digital Oral Reading Fluency Program

    Summer Learning HeadStart Books
    • Support and improve oral reading fluency skills

    • Make practice fun and engaging with curated Lexile-leveled reading resources

    • Build understanding and reading confidence

    • Improve vocabulary and comprehension skills

    • Track and assess oral fluency progress

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