Do More With Your Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Conference Content

“Online conferences face many distractions, and incorporating searchable access to the content generated at a virtual conference is enthusiastically embraced by our members. Further, as USASBE builds out targeted certifications, professional development workshops, and other virtual programs that will help our members and the world, Lumos Learning’s platform will help USASBE achieve its mission.”

Julienne Shields

CEO of United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship® (USASBE)

Make Your Conference Sessions And Workshops Searchable, Accessible, and More Engaging!

The StepUp Knowledge Assistant is one of the most advanced cloud-based knowledge management solutions that leverage search, speech, and video processing technology advances.

  • Create, organize and securely share a fully searchable compendium to supplement the live event, offering additional value to both members and non-members
  • Get the flexibility to monetize your unique professional development resources into accessible digital courses, generating a new revenue stream
  • Empower users to instantly locate and jump to specific words or phrases in any video or audio resources
  • Enable users to access automated video and audio transcriptions, summaries, a smart table of contents, topics extraction, FAQs
  • Supports Video, Audio, PDFs, Assessments, and more!
  • Upload content from hard drive or Zoom, YouTube, Dropbox, etc