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Mobile Apps for Inventions

Top Rated Apps for Kids Inventions:

Some of the mobile apps related to kids inventions are Inventioneers, Kids World Map, Pettson’s Memo, Maze games for children, Maze games for children – Premium, The Invention of Back Scratcher-baby365 and so on.

Four Great Inventions:
Get To Know Ununbox. Interview by ( How do you design and create the App collection of the Four Great Inventions of China? Ununbox: The Four Great Inventions of China are great gifts to the whole world; we hope children could understand the rich connotations and splendid culture of China. This app collection filled with illustrations well designed with traditional brush works, simple but full of Chinese flavor.

FROM THE CREATORS OF PETTSON ‘S INVENTIONS DELUXE Please note that this game is not optimized for the iPhone 4 Winner of Parents ‘ Choice Gold Award Nominated for the Best Nordic Children ‘s Award 2015 at the Nordic Game Awards BE CREATIVE!In this game you can create your own crazy, fun inventions! With the help of the Inventioneers, our tiny helpers with unique characteristics, you can invent fun, creative and often quite weird inventions.

Pettson’s Memo:
Let ‘s play memory with Pettson and his cat Findus. Pettson has made it extra challenging by creating six different game modes: Regular memory, Picture count memory, Math memory, Sound memory, Logic memory and the exciting Memory memory! Play by yourself, with a friend or against Pettson! With three different difficulty levels, the game suits children of all ages

Timeline: Play and Learn:
Was the car invented before or after motorcycles? You will learn the answer to this question and many more playing this game.Each card has an event and an associated date. Try to put them in the right order.Easy to learn, hard to master… it gets harder after each card played!LEARN IN A FUN WAYLearn a lot of things and have fun at the same time.

Alex’s World:
Alex ‘s World is a platform game that will challenge your timing and dexterity. Jump through levels defeating enemies and collecting coins in this side scrolling platformer. Collect power ups and try to stay alive.Features:- simple controls- addictive gameplay- dangerous enemies- valuable power-ups.

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