Easily Make Any Video and Audio Searchable, Accessible, and Useful.

Enhance productivity and efficiency

Facilitates better and faster decision-making

Increase engagement and knowledge retention

Advanced Search | Automated Video and Audio Transcription | Summaries | Smart Table Of Content | Closed Captioning | Automatic FAQs

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Success Story

Professional Development Platform for United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship® (USASBE)

StepUp Knowledge Assistant Making USASBE Conference Sessions and Workshops Searchable and Accessible

  • 2021 Conference Sessions Compendium
  • Certification Programs
  • Professional Development Workshops

“Online conferences face many distractions, and incorporating searchable access to the content generated at a virtual conference is enthusiastically embraced by our members. Further, as USASBE builds out targeted certifications, professional development workshops, and other virtual programs that will help our members and the world, Lumos Learning's platform will help USASBE achieve its mission.”

Julienne-Shields Julienne Shields
CEO of United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship® (USASBE)

Knowledge Assistant Transforms The Way People Work With Video and Audio Content

StepUp Knowledge Assistant is a revolutionary learning experience management solution and professional development delivery platform.

Designed to be both simple yet powerful, Knowledge Assistant helps create, organize and securely share fully searchable video and audio repositories.

video hub

Do more with your Zoom recordings

Get more out of remote meetings, lectures, interviews, market research calls, workshops, etc. With our free Zoom integration, you can catalog and search across your recorded sessions in seconds. Knowledge Assistant can pull cloud recordings up into the platform and list and transcribe them immediately.

video hub

Video Hub - Fully Searchable Video and Audio Resources

Save significant time for your users with the advanced search capability. It enables them to search across your video and audio repository for specific spoken words or sentences. Then, instantly jump to those critical moments with one click.

machine Learning
video and Audio Generator
Q&A Generator

Machine Learning Powered Smart Content

Produce superior user experiences by leveraging advances in search, speech, and video processing technology

  • Automated Video and Audio Transcription
  • Closed Captioning
  • A Smart Table of Content
  • Automated Summaries
  • Topics Extraction
  • Automatic FAQs

Powerful Features To Empower Individuals, Teams, and Enterprises

Upload your media hassle-free

Upload video and audio files from your hard drive or favorite cloud platforms, including YouTube, Dropbox, Zoom, and type away!

Knowledge Assistant Makes Working With Video and Audio Magical!

Boosts productivity and efficiency with easy and immediate access to relevant information.

Increases engagement and knowledge retention for training and education.

Enables better and faster decision-making by delivering critical information timely.

Allows easy monetization of professional learning content to drive revenue and engagement.

Knowledge Management Solution

Few Applications Of The StepUp Knowledge Assistant

Build a Centralized Organizational Knowledge Repository

Record, catalog, search and share business meetings, company-wide town halls, internal communications, interviews, market research calls, and more - all in one place.

Effectively Retain and
Develop Expertise

Create a fully searchable database of training sessions

  • Faster onboarding
  • Efficient skills management

Professional Delivery Platform for School Districts

Make your professional development learning resources searchable, accessible, and more engaging!

Online Course Platform for
Course Authors

Create, market and sell online courses and certification programs quickly and easily with an all-in-one platform

Personal Knowledge Base for Professionals and Students

Build a personal knowledge base of important team/project meetings, webinars, lectures, Q&A sessions, etc., and find every moment that matters - quickly and efficiently