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Lumos Smart Test Practice™ Methodology

  • Accelerated practice methodology to optimize test preparation time

  • Methodology developed from over a decade of experience

  • Highly focused and realistic practice that mirror state test blueprints

  • Smart learning cycle to support efficient test preparation

Engaging & Personalized Reading Program

  • Tasks on close reading, comprehension, fluency, and long-word decoding skills

  • Engaging non-fiction and fiction passages

  • Grade-level text complexity

  • Standards correlation for each lesson

Ideal and Efficient Response to Intervention

  • Pinpoint student areas of difficulty

  • Develop custom lessons & assignments

  • Personalized Instruction

  • Access to High-Quality Question Bank

After-School Program for Independent Practice

  • Student directed self-paced learning

  • Standards-based questions, activities, and tasks

  • Educational videos and mobile apps in each topic

  • Differentiated instruction & assessment

Realistic College Admission Test Practice

  • Realistic full-Length practice tests

  • An empathetic learning platform that supports students at all levels of proficiency

  • All-in-one Comprehensive Learning Program for all the subjects

  • Tailored Comprehensive Learning Content

An AI/ML Powered Assistant to Help Students Succeed

  • Smart guided practice for every student

  • Encourages students to perform well and improve

  • Helps students discover learning resources to support their practice

  • Tracks student progress and performance to recommend targeted practice

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