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Lumos Comprehend – An Innovative Content Enhancing Technology

Lumos Comprehend is the new generation content marketing tool to help publishers leverage the rich content already in the book to support sales. It mines rich content in your book and exposes search-optimized nuggets of information to bring organic web traffic to your listings.

The tool uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to read and create relevant questions and specific answers from the content scanned. These questions and answers play a critical role in exposing your listing to search engines and winning the SEO battle with the current search algorithms.

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Partner Success Story: Bankable Business Plans for Non-Profits

Prof. Edward Rogoff

“Perhaps the most powerful tool of the enhanced listing is the way it uses technology to generate questions and answers about the book in literally a minute or two! It can help readers of the book see where resides in the book. Most importantly, it is searchable by Google. This means it will increase the number of ways Google will direct a search to the book, pushing it up on the list of search results. I can’t overstate the importance and impact of this.”

Prof. Edward Rogoff

Professor and former Dean of the Long Island University. He received a B.A., M.B.A., and Ph.D. from Columbia University where he wrote his thesis under the supervision of Nobel Prize winning economist William Vickrey.

Maximize Your Book’s Sales Potential – Reach Wider Audience

Maximize Your Book Sales Potential – Reach Wider Audience

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